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Hollister Hills

July 8th

It was early Saturday morning , coffee in the hands of the hubby and I , the kids were actually still asleep.  We sat on our front porch and then watered our succulents and all of a sudden we said ” lets go camping.”  We decided to just go for a spontaneous one night camping trip and take our jeep to go four wheeling!  The kids woke up and I said ok guys eat some breakfast, change and pack your suitcases , “were going on an adventure!”  They were beyond excited!  They immediately got dressed ate a quick bite and started packing.  I feel its important to have our kids be able to pack their own things ( with supervision of course ) lol because lets face it, they would probably forget to pack underwear and socks and if you know my kids probably their shoes because they are “our barefoot children.”

I was in charge of getting certain things packed and ready to go and my wonderful husband, oh he is so wonderful lol ,got the tent and sleeping bags packed up.  We were pretty much all packed and set to go!

My family adventures mean the world to me.  Its our time to let our kids explore nature and create simple but beautiful memories.  They don’t bring toys electronics ect.  Just nature and the simple things in life.  Nature brings out kids imaginations.  They learn so much in these mountains and forests around them wherever we go .  I love camping with them and traveling with them.  They don’t ask me for my phone or tv and toons, instead they climb , search for rocks, flowers, things to build with sticks leafs.  They don’t argue about who gets what toy or who gets what doll.  Its nice to see our kiddos explore and to enjoy the wilderness.

On this particular trip we brought our small tent that we all barely fit in lol, it was quite snug in there with all of us and our dog Max.  As I was setting up our tent with our sleeping bags , I noticed 1 bag was missing, lol the hubby forgot my sleeping bag.  Oh well I said I would make do and be just fine.  He said ” babe” this is why I love you! You brush it off and go with the flow and allow yourself to have fun no matter what.   After we got our site set up the kids played soccer and ran races and adventured around.  Then it was time to four wheel .

We took the jeep out on some easy routes first and even though the signs had easy signs on them we were still on the edge of our seats lol.  It was fun and exciting and were ready for a little harder course.  Our campsite neighbors had told us about this route that took you to the top but it wasn’t suppose to be too challenging.  (Suppose to be) haha was not a good word.  It was scary, me and Brooke were in tears and even Matt was sweating in fear.  The road leading to the top was narrow and crazy bumpy with big wholes.  I never wanted so badly to be back safe lol.  Max our poor dog got car sick going through the crazy trail , but we finally made it back down to our site.   When we got out of the jeep , Brooke kissed our jeep and wrote on the back of it ” I LOVE YOU .”  I asked what are you saying I love you too, and she said our jeep because it kept us safe and made it back.  We all laughed and cried little. Next time remind me not to listen to people telling us to go on these crazy rides with no kids, they don’t have so much fear like we do. Iyiyi.

We relaxed after that and my kiddos were back playing in the dirt and climbing on rocks.  My heart melts seeing them love nature so much and how imaginative they get when they having nothing but mother earth.

“Keep close to Nature’s heart…

and break clear away, once in awhile,

and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.

Wash your spirit clean. ” – John Muir

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